четвртак, 27. април 2017.

Call for V4 project partners

The Association of Teacher of Engineering Management (Serbia) is looking for partners from Visegrad countries (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovak Republic). We are looking for partners within civil society organizations. The idea is to propose project regarding Corporate Social Responsibility.

More details about our NGO can be found on this link: http://mksm.sjm06.com/?page_id=642

More details about the project research can be found at:  http://bussol4you.blogspot.rs/2016/10/corporate-social-responsibility.html

We plan to submit the project within the deadline on the 1st of June. Accordingly, please contact us until 15 of May, on imihajlovic@tfbor.bg.ac.rs

On this link you can see some of our previous results on Visegrad projects.

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