субота, 15. октобар 2016.


This text is presenting the activities of the research project: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) as the entrepreneurial activity, conducted by the research team of the International Resita network for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (www.resitanet.eu). The project will address the examples of the CSR in the cases of different companies, worldwide. Then, there will be attempt to resolve the reasons for being socially responsible company. The aim will be given on identifying the CSR as the true intention of the company or the contemporary marketing megatrend practice. Besides this, evolution of the CSR in the direction of the Social Entrepreneurship (SE) will also be addressed, from the perspective of five important dimensions, together with the influence of the marketing activity on this specific field of operations. 
As the first step in defining the CSR as the global phenomena, this research group have realized that we need opinion about it from following three groups of people:

1. Managers of the companies;
2. Employees of the companies;
3. Customers

Accordingly, we have developed three different questionnaires to receive the opinions on the CSR issues. The questionnaires are opened for answers and are available on following links:

1. If you are the MANAGER or the OWNER of the company, please answer the questionnaire available HERE

2. If you are the EMPLOYEE of the company, please answer the questionnaire available HERE

3. If you are just the customer of any company, please answer the questionnaire available HERE


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