уторак, 03. март 2015.


The application of the abstracts for the International May conference on strategic management 2015, has started.

Details about the conference are available at: http://mksm.sjm06.com/  
Abstracts can be submitted using the following contact e-mail:  imihajlovic@emd.edu.rs  or imihajlovic@tf.bor.ac.rs

Deadline for abstract submission is 30th April 2015.

All submitted papers will be published in Book of abstracts (before the conference) and the Book of proceedings (after the conference).

IMKSM2015 Book of Proceedings is covered by EBSCO.

Selected papers will also be published in the journal: Serbian Journal of Management (www.sjm06.com), which is covered in SCOPUS,  and Journal Acta Oeconomica Universitatis Selye (http://www.acta.selyeuni.sk/ ).

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